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Asthma ????

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the air passages that carry air from the nasal area and mouth to lungs and vice versa. When a person suffers from asthma, it is difficult to breathe in outside air and thus, feel suffocated and congested.

Allergies, smoke and tobacco, air pollution, obesity, stress, tension, genetics, lung infection, premature birth and heartburn are the some causes of the asthma.

Asthma Home Treatment and Preventive measures

If you feel like difficulty in breathing, coughing, congested chest, frequent cold and cough, uneasiness in sleeping then, you should consider that you might be the hunt by the asthma. So the preventive cures are essential and it’s the best option. Here are some preventive measures for asthma.

  1. Avoid Humidity
  2. Limit Dust Exposure
  3. Prevent Mold and mildew
  4. Say not to smoke
  5. Stay away from pets
  6. Kill cockroaches
  7. Avoid stress
  8. Avoid Getting Sick
  9. Dietary changes
  10. Exercise Wisely
Asthma Home Remedies 
  1. Deep breathing reduces effect of congestion created by asthma.
  2. Lemon juice and honey aid in treating symptoms of asthma.
  3. Indian gooseberry is an effective home remedy.
  4. Roots of bitter gourd help in providing relief from asthma.
  5. Figs help in curing the different symptoms associated with asthma.
  6. Intake of drumsticks provides relief from asthma.
  7. Safflower, garlic and ginger give relief from symptoms of asthma.
  8. Reship mushroom helps to reduce allergies and improves immunity.
  9. Healthy diet and regular exercise help to prevent asthma.
  10. Cinnamon, turmeric and licorices help to relieve symptoms of asthma
Asthma Home Treatment

Follow the following steps regularly and find the difference on you

Ginger Tea

  1. Cut 1 inch of ginger into small pieces
  2. Add it to a pot of boiling water.
  3. Let it sleep for 5 min.
  4. Allow it to cool down and then drink it.

Mustard Oil

  1. Heat some mustard oil with little camphor and gently massage it into the chest and upper back.
  2. Do this several times a day until the symptoms sub-side.


  1. Wash 3 dried figs and soak them in a cup of water overnight.
  2. Do this several times a day until the symptoms sub-side.

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