Diabetes Preventive Care Guidelines

Diabetes Preventive Care Guidelines

The condition in which sugar levels raise in blood above the normal levels is popularly known as diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease that can affect the entire body and tends to run in families. Diabetes are not dangerous but they are like silent killer. They don’t have any fast symptoms. Today nearly 26 million Americans suffering of diabetes and its complications.

There are two types of diabetes i.e. type 1 diabetes and the type 2 one. Type 1 diabetes is known as insulin dependent diabetes. In this type pancreas produce little or no insulin. It is often found in children and adults and for this it is also called juvenile diabetes.   Type 2 diabetes is known as Non- insulin dependent diabetes. It usually seen in people 40 years of age who are obese. In this pancreas produce insulin but that is not enough for body.

Diabetes Preventive Care Guidelines Are:
  • Obesity and sedentary life styles are biggest diabetes. Keep weight at optimal level. Do physical activity at least 30 minutes of regular, moderate intensity activity per day.
  • Food lower in fat and calories and higher in fiber is recommended. Suitable food includes:

– Whole meal bread
– Whole grain cereals
– Raw fruit with its skin
– Roughage vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and turnip

  • Eat a bedtime snacks when taking insulin. It helps to maintain the blood sugar level.
  • Take extra food for extra physical activity.
  • Take small amount of food regularly.
  • Avoid smoking and use of tobacco. It also increase the risk of developing type2 diabetes.
  • Visit the physician in regular basis. Take urine for sugar once a daily.
  • There is evidence of a link between depression and both diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Make sure you are getting plenty of magnesium and probiotics.

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