What to do during heart attack ? First Aid Heart Attack Tips

What to do during heart attack? First Aid Heart Attack Tips

The vital organs of our body needs oxygen, that are contained in the blood. But if it has a blockage in the path through which the blood travels i.e. artery. It results heart attack. Heart attack is a furious disease. It can’t be predicted. So, if you are around those peoples then never ever delay to help them.

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Although both the male and female can have heart attack, there are some differences in the symptoms between them. Indeed, there are physiological and anatomical differences between me and women. Men usually have a severe chest pain, pain in the left shoulder and arm. On contrary to that women have less of such type of symptoms. However, women may present with more board and vague size of symptoms such as, nausea, tiredness.

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Perhaps, women should be more conscious if they have any type of pain or uneasy with their body parts then it’s better to rush for the doctor. Women have more risk during heart attack then men do. It’s because, they don’t realize they are having an attack and take too long to realize. Many research has also proved that fewer women experience pain or discomfort then the men does. In fact, nearly half of the women don’t feel chest pain, back pain, fatigue and shortness of breath which are the common indicators of heart attack.

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Beside many differences they have some similarities as well, these includes weakness, back pain, pressure, radiating to the shoulders, shortness of breath, neck or jaw.

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Now you might be wondering what to do when the next person beside you suddenly has a heart attack. In such case following tips might be beneficial:

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Stay close to the person. During the attack you should not leave the person alone in pain. Sit by the side and try to comfort them. Don’t panic, instead try to call 911 or your local medical emergency number. And don’t ignore or attempt to tough out the symptoms of heart attack for more than 5 minutes.

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If the person nearby you is feeling difficulty in breathing, then without waiting for an emergency you can start cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). If you have not got any training regarding to that, then professionals recommend to provide mouth-to mouth rescue breathing.

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Make the patient to lie down and be calm. If his/her clothes are tight then you may make it loosen so that he/she may feel more comfortable

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Finally, if you have already faced an attack before and doctor had prescribed nitroglycerin, take it as directed. But make sure you won’t take anyone else medicine, because that could put more in danger.

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