Websites that offers Free International Calls Anywhere in the world

Free international calls anywhere – Matter of fact, you could think how is it possible. You might think about the Skype, Viber, Whats App, messenger or many other apps that where you can call to yours friends. But for this app, both parties need to installed this application in the mobile or laptop. But this is the time of technology, many software or application are their where you can only install or download and you can make free international calls anywhere in the world without any cost. There is no need to installed the app in the mobile app also. Here are some of the ways where you can make the free international calls anywhere in the world from website:

Websites that offers Free International Calls Anywhere:


If you want to make the free international and national call, this website helps you to calls from your browser. Call2Friends has made it possible for you to make VOIP free or low cost international high quality calls to USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, India, China and other many countries.

It is available in App store and android app on Google Play.

Characteristics of Call2Friends:free international calls

  • Free calls to any regular landline in anywhere in world
  • Limited number of free internet calls to anywhere per day
  • Much cheaper than Skype. No connection fee.
  • Limited number of free SMS message to family and friends per day.
  • Make free and cheap calls both locally and internationally

Steps to make the free calls

  1. Need a computer, a mic, speakers, and an internet connection.
  2. Register or sign up at the call2friends website
  3. And call direct to the mobile number.

Remember you must type the mobile number in the international format and enter your mobile number. And as the same steps as you follow on regular or normal calls.

In this way, you can make one free call per day unless you know some technique to change your IP. Remember if you called on some number using your home PC, and on the same day if you try to call the same number from office PC, then it won’t work. Any number in the world can be called only once per day using this service which is quite annoying.


This website free international and national calls service is exactly like call2friends. But you don’t need to sign up or register in this website. Just follow the above same steps and enjoy your 1 free call per day.


In this website you get the bonus $ 0.5 after you sign up and create your new account. And you can use your bonus to make the free international calls to different countries. Moreover, other bonus point is that you get free plan of 100 free minutes to offer for the first two months. Sometimes these free credits are not visible and don’t work so try some other time. You can follow the similar steps as describes to above website.

Local Phone

Some process and steps as others which are describes above. You need to sign up and get one free call. And it will last for 50 seconds and able to make 2 to 3 free calls. During the call, you have option to change the caller ID to Hidden, random number, or your mobile number too.

So this how to make free calls anywhere in the world with these websites. Try it and enjoy with the limited free calls in your leisure time while surfing internet doing nothing. To find more about the mobile app that give you free international calls click here.

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