10 Tips to Make Winter Easier on Your Asthma Live life tips

Those breezy morning and the dry air that kisses your face are certainly one of the hardest months throughout the year. As the winter days rolls around so do the colds and infection. More than a normal people these days turns out to be the worst for the ones with asthma, because even a simple cold can tend to worsen the asthma.

Asthma Live life tips

To handle your asthma during winter months here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Avoid sitting near the fire place for too long: Sitting near the fireplace with a coffee on the hands are certainly one of the best period during cold winter days, but if you are an asthma patient it is not lovely and cozy as it looks. Smoke coming out from the burning wood are after a smoke only they might irritate your lungs, especially with asthma.
  2. Keep your mouth closed: keeping your mouth closed while walking out during cold month are beneficial for more reason. Indeed, it’s good for your lungs. While you are out in the cold outside its always better to inhale oxygen from your nose, not from your mouth. As nose warms up the air for lungs. You may also use scarfs, muffler over your nose to escape from cold.
  3. Maintain a clean surroundings: Vacuum your house at least a week can keep mites away and helps to eradicate several allergies from settling.
  4. Spend minimum time with pets: Having pets such as dogs and kitten might activate your asthma. Try to keep away the animals from your room so that you might not cause any type of allergy.
  5. Prepare a regular checkup plans: Since winter days are harder, it’s always better to have a regular check-up. You may also prepare an action plan in order to control your asthma during winter days. Lastly, be sure you take your medicines on time.

Asthma Live life tips Asthma Live life tips healthy tips asthma live life tips

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