Five curious answers to simple questions

Human beings are very curious by nature. We start to explore the world as soon as we enter to this world, and keep exploring it while growing up and after. No wonder this world is full of exciting and mystery. Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes only like few peoples and remains untouched to others? Or how come people have a different eye color.

Similar types of curious answers to the simple questions are discussed below:

1. Why is the groove in the middle of nose and upper lips?
Curious Answers—> That groove in the middle of the upper lips and nose are called the philtrum. It is needed for the infant during its development. When the fetus is growing in his mother’s womb it has a cervix between the oral and nasal cravat eventually turning into a philtrum. Every child is born with it, but when this processes fail to fuse fully in humans a cleft lip (hare lip) might result. Note that a flattened or smooth philtrum may be a symptom of fetal alcoholic syndrome.
2. Why mosquitoes bite some peoples more than others?
Curious Answers—> Have you seen some peoples are so much liked my mosquitoes? it’s not because their blood is sweet or tastier, what matters is the scent of the skin. Our body is covered with thousands of bacteria that produces a unique scent, among those few peoples skin smells attracts mosquitoes towards them. Mosquitoes also targets those peoples who produces additional amount of certain acids such as uric acids. The process of attraction begins long before landing. Mosquitoes have a unique power to smell their dinner from a notable distance of up to 50 meters.

3. Why some people have a different colored eye?
Curious Answers—> There is pretty few chance of seeing a person with 2 different colored eyes. This abnormality called Heterochromia is very rare. Only one percent of the population has it. Heterochromia is a mutation in certain genes that causes melanocytes to get lost on their way to where they are supposed to go. Moreover, it might be also caused when two fertilized eggs fuse to form one egg, each with a different set of DNA. But it doesn’t affect vision acuity.

4. Why our hands wrinkles after bath?
Curious Answers—> When we spend lots of time on water, the top layer of our skins begins to absorb it. The skin gets soaked, the skin oils which covers our skin gets wash out. After the skin loses its protective layer the soluble fluid leeks out through the membrane. The thing is these cells could only give fluid but cannot absorb it, so it gets dehydrated and shrink and hence, gets wrinkle on your hands and feet.
5. Why is the butt round?
Curious Answers—> During the evolution process the main occupation of our ancestors was hunting and to catch the prey or at least to keep up they must run fast. A well-built butt is the right thing in such a situation. Secondly a butt is located at the end part of the digestive system, they must be fleshy to stop the unpleasant smells from leaking. Butts are also equally needed to sit comfortably.

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