Lyme Disease and its Complications

Lyme Disease The bacterial infection that is caused by the bite of a thick that carries the Borrelia bacterium is known as Lyme disease. The most common sign of infection is a growing area of redness. This red spot begins after a week at the site of a thick bite. However, those rashes are neither itchy or […] Read More →

Usher Syndrome Symptoms, Types & Treatment – Live Life Tips

Usher Syndrome Usher Syndrome is a common disorder that affects both the vision and hearing capability. This is a type of disease that contains multiple indication or feature. Usher syndrome is an inherited condition, often parents having this illness are unaware that any of them can carry this defective gene. The major symptoms of this syndrome is […] Read More →

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Symptons and Causes

Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic illness that occurs when your immune system mistakenly starts attacking your joints. During the early phase rheumatoid arthritis tends to affect smaller joints of your body, particularly those joints that are attached to your fingers to your hands and your toes to your feet. Although this disease grows gradually, but […] Read More →

Norovirus: One of the leading problems in US

 Norovirus, one of the most common stomach problems in United States, is also popularly known as the stomach flu. Norovirus reaches its extreme point in the beginning of the autumn months and stretching into as late as May. Norovirus indeed is a cause of up to 21 million illnesses each year. Usual symptoms with norovirus […] Read More →