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Facebook Profile Spam: Who is Watching Your Facebook Profile?

facebook profile spam Facebook Profile Spam Facebook appear to have made some move against Facebook profile spying applications. Large portions of the poo applications detailed Facebook Profile spam by Facebook clients have been brought around Facebook. Yet at the same time the thing to stress over is that the Facebook profile spam is not spreading through applications just, […] Read More →

Avoid Weakness: Eat Home Foods and Stay Active

avoid weakness Avoid Weakness means to avoid laziness. People feel laziness most of the time. Even if they try to stay active, they can’t and sleep most of the time thinking loud. That could lead to the greatest sickness of human being: Depression. Understanding this problems, we have gather home remedies to avoid weakness by eating. If […] Read More →

Migraine: Symptoms and Remedies

Migraine home remedies Migraine Home Remedies Migraine is a severe, throbbing headache on one side of the head. Sometimes it could also occur without a pain which is known as a silent migraine. It is an incessant neurological issue described by irregular moderate to serious cerebral pains regularly in connection with various autonomic sensory system. Generally, the cerebral […] Read More →