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Usher Syndrome is a common disorder that affects both the vision and hearing capability. This is a type of disease that contains multiple indication or feature. Usher syndrome is an inherited condition, often parents having this illness are unaware that any of them can carry this defective gene. The major symptoms of this syndrome is hearing loss and sight disorder, night blindness or the loss of peripheral vision through liberal deterioration of the retina. However, there are three types of usher syndrome:

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  1. Type 1: People with syndrome type 1 are by born affected with severe hearing loss and have familiarity problems with balance. Illness such as night blindness and loss of peripheral vision are the common symptoms seen on the youngsters during early days.
  2. Type 2: Infants face moderate hearing problem to severe stage in this section. Indication of this disease typically starts later the adolescence stage. Whereas, visual problems progress slower than that of type 1 and hearing damage are somehow similar in this stage.
  3. Type 3: this stage is rare and was documented in 1995. Babies with usher syndrome stage 3 are born healthy or only a minor injury of hearing. Their earshot and vision difficulties starts around youth. Nevertheless, balance may also be affected.


Usher Syndrome Symptoms, Types & Treatment
 Type 1Type 2Type 3
HearingBorn with severe to deep hearing loss.Mild to severe hearing loss from birthNormal during birth, progressive loss in childhood or adolescence
VisionDecreased night vision before age of 10, pre-pubertal onset of retinitis pimentosProgressive vision loss beginning in adolescence to early teenage.Varies in severity; night vision problems often begin in teens.
Vestibular functionBalance problems at birth. Slow to sit or walk before 18 months.NormalVarying degrees of balance.


In United States syndrome of type 1 and type 2 are more common. In UK it affects about 3-6% of the population. Nearly 3-6 % of all children who are deaf and 3-6 % of infant who are having problem in hearing are having usher syndrome. In developed countries such as United States, every 4 children from 100,000 births are suffering this syndrome.


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